Industry Associations

We foster mutually beneficial relations with industry, government and the community that power innovation and drive success. We maintain loyal and supportive relationships with many high-profile organisations across the country and throughout the Asia–Pacific region. Each of our collaborations delivers cutting-edge, practical solutions that make a positive and lasting difference to open a world of opportunity for all stakeholders. Such partnerships serve as a catalyst to drive the overall competitiveness needs of our industry.

Business Clientele & Partners

WDS is relationship-driven. With consultants from professional backgrounds as diverse as the clients we work with, we have found it simple to seamlessly blend into different company cultures to get the job done on our clients’ terms. We assist clients sized from local to international, and have experience in a plethora of business verticals, to include gases and engineering, insurance, telecoms, automobiles and manufacturing.

Our major clientele include:

  • A transnational consumer goods company co-headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and Rotterdam, Netherlands.
  • A British multinational tobacco company headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom. It is one of the world’s largest international cigarette company.
  • A leading insurance company that owns a number of general insurance brands operating within the UK.