Cloud Solutions

WDS - Wiz Digital Services brings smart applications, robust platform and scalable infrastructure to usher your business productivity.

Lower your risk & cost with customized cloud solutions for data management

WDS - Wiz Digital Services cloud services have been developed on three fronts of applications, infrastructure and platform. We bring heightened support in running robust and demanding applications on the cloud for data management along with compatibility for the widest range of platform. Our infrastructure and service are scalable in nature which means you can easily take your business to the next level without the fear of spending huge amount of sum on infrastructure.
WDS - Wiz Digital Services has redefined the cloud solutions to lower the operation costs along with limiting the risk through stringent data security controls across the channels.

Connect SaaS to your business

We offer Software as a service (SaaS) wherein enterprise can deploy their application software in the cloud which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Our SaaS has complete cloud suite which brings a wider range of software application to take care all of your business needs ranging from accounting, project management to marketing and supply chain.

Connect PaaS to your business

WDS - Wiz Digital Services’s Platform as a service (PaaS) enables business leaders, IT experts and developers to plan, develop, run & deploy applications. Our PaaS is completely secure and extremely low cost with robust cloud support which helps in speeding up the product, service or software development and lends a much needed competitive advantage.
The data flow in an enterprise is in constant flux. Data is bound to increase and multiply which results in unwanted data errors wherein names can get duplicated, addresses can be incomplete or phone numbers can be wrongly entered. Wrong data records seriously undermine your business and results in lost business opportunities. Therefore you require a streamlined approach wherein all the data are synced in real time without the chances of causing errors which usually results when data is duplicated again and again. WDS - Wiz Digital Services Cloud solutions will bring uniformity in your data management affairs in a decisive manner.

Established & Proven Solutions For You

Over the years WDS - Wiz Digital Services has invested a considerable amount of sum in building expertise in the cloud segment and has enhanced its infrastructural capabilities to meet client’s requirements. We bring you the peace when deploying our customised cloud solutions for your enterprise. We have a plethora of best in class vendors namely Amazon, Microsoft along with top end hardware OEMs working in close cooperation with our local team.