CRM & Marketplace Solutions

Our Marketplace Platform & CRM Solutions helps you build robust services, valuable rentals and on demand platform to meet your specifics needs.
WDS - Wiz Digital Services develops turnkey tailor-made marketplaces & CRM solutions which are carefully crafted to fulfil the specific needs and interests of the client’s businesses. We bring together the team of highly talented, resourceful and innovative developers who can easily offer complete solution to the clients for establishing a robust on-demand marketplace to give a boost to their business growth.
CRM or customer relationship management allows you to build and retain the perfect relationship with your customer. For instance, if your customer emails you or contacts you over social media, you can revert back accordingly. WDS - Wiz Digital Services CRM solutions deliver the convenience of keeping every interaction and information about customers at your fingertips in an enterprise-ready package.
The whole system of CRM is dedicated to bring you and your customers together. So, the benefits it dispenses will be inclined that way too. Hence, you will be able to enjoy interaction across multiple channels including phone, social media, live-chat and many more. Analytics and reports generated here, will give a clear idea about the metrics of your business and the team’s performance. Automation and advanced reporting will help to achieve better productivity and sell. Our CRM solutions are truly customized to assist your business in areas like collection and deployment of key data across the organization but with proper security which adds another level of stability to the whole process.
Along with interaction via multiple channels, we provide CRM solution that comes with an array of features. There are a number of features which allows you reach out to the customers in real time. The properly organized feed will provide information on customer activity allowing better understanding and conversation. The full history of interaction with the prospects and customers is easily accessible through the email feature. The chat feature stores chat-history providing you the chance to prepare for the perfect interaction every time. The telephone feature works quite similarly too. Our CRM solutions also give you the chance to follow your customers and prospects in real-time allowing a better channel for communication.
Now to answer the most important question, why you should choose WDS - Wiz Digital Services CRM in the first place, we have a simple explanation. A regular CRM will help you to understand the business better. A regularly customized CRM will provide information that you can use. And a thoroughly customized CRM, like the one we provide, will just make things utterly convenient, simple and beneficial.
WDS - Wiz Digital Services offers custom-made marketplaces which comprises of design services, project management, technical development services, responsive development, SEO services, quality controls along with hosting, maintenance services and updates.
Each marketplace is designed to cater to the specific businesses needs and demands of the clients. Thereby clients get the best in class marketplace to counter the ever-growing competition by integrating the basic and advanced features during the development process.

Online marketplaces are typically categorized into three groups:

  • C2C (Customer-to-Customer): These marketplaces require the development of specific workflows to address the need to establish a robust platform for booking request and selling products & services.
  • B2C (Business-to-Customer): A typical ecommerce platform can be best described as a B2C marketplace wherein the seller is a business and buyer is an individual.
  • B2B (Business-to-Business): This marketplace is designed to efficiently manage and boost the efficiency of the transactions & exchanges between two businesses.
WDS - Wiz Digital Services is recognized for its rich features set, innovative development and synonymous integration of modern technologies, resources and trends to bring the best marketplace for the clients.
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