Data Governance


Data Governance underpins a business’s ability to manage and use its data assets effectively to make accurate decisions to drive the performance of their business .Our clients often engage WDS - Wiz Digital Services for advice and best-practice on Data Governance, benefiting from our experience delivering Data Governance solutions.


    • How do I structure my Data Governance project?
    • What Data Governance does my organisation require?
    • How can I use Data Governance to become compliant with industry standards and regulations?
    • How can I roll out a new Data Governance Framework across my business?
    • What is the best approach to designing a new Data Governance Framework?
    • What are the Data Quality benefits of using strong Data Governance?
    • How do I actually embed Data Governance and ensure standards are upheld across the business?
    • DATA GOVERNANCE SUPPORT FROM WDS - Wiz Digital Services:

    • Data Governance Framework Design and Implementation
    • Data Governance Audit and Gap Analysis
    • Data Governance Policy Writing
    • Regulatory Compliance


    Properly integrated Data Governance policies and controls ensure that the quality of management information is at the highest standard. This is vital to drive business change to provide a competitive edge, whilst data errors can lead to embarrassing miscommunications, erroneous decisions and erosion of consumer confidence.

    WDS - Wiz Digital Services has a wealth of technical and advisory experience in Data Governance across:

    • Data Governance Maturity Assessments
    • Process and Policy Examination, Improvement or Writing
    • Data Warehouse and Operational Data Audits
    • Regulatory Gap Analysis
    • Data Governance Framework Advice and Implementation Support
    • Data Governance Strategy Formulation
    • Governance Efficiency Monitoring
    • Monitoring through effective KPIs / Data Governance Dashboards
    • GDPR Compliance projects
    • BCBS239 Compliance
    • Common Data Governance challenges:

    • Immature Framework – You might have policies and controls but they may not be followed or implemented properly
    • Efficiency Problems – Too much or badly designed governance can drastically slow down your people; we can help create a free flowing framework to streamline your approach
    • Data Quality – We can help you to ensure Data Quality within your Data Warehouse project, using best practice Data Management principles we have developed over 100s of projects
    • Regulatory Gaps – We can audit and tweak your existing governance to ensure you meet requirements set by industry regulators.