Data Ingestion

Real-time experience optimizations starts with streamlined data ingestion

If your data ingestion process isn’t fast or accurate, you could miss out on deep insights and powerful personalization. Our Data Ingestion lets you ingest, standardize, and persist customer data from across your enterprise faster and easier than ever.


Meet customers’ expectations.

Process large amounts of data in real time and push data to internal and external workflows.

Save your time and resources.

Get immediate feedback on the data you process, which will accelerate your experience delivery roadmap.

Streamline your process.

Simplify how you stream your data and how you process it in real time.

Why choose our Data Ingestion solutions?


Build real-time data pipelines with just a couple clicks. Seamlessly integrate with Azure data services to uncover insights faster.


Adjust throughput dynamically based on your usage needs and pay only for what you use.


Ingest data from anywhere and develop across platforms with support for popular protocols.