Data Integration Suite

Data Integration Suite will help in deriving better data understating in its specific data landscape through the creation of data hubs and data repositories of highest value.
Data integration can be described as the process of combining data from varied disparate sources to turn them into meaningful and valuable information.
WDS - Wiz Digital Services Data Integration Suite is designed to bring best of data integration features which are sought out by the enterprise. It is a comprehensive solution to solve a wide array of problems faced by the business when it comes to ‘data’. This suite is equipped with robust applications and data management attributes at its which streamlines the cleansing, monitoring, understanding and delivering data.

Data Integration Suite Features

Data Integration Suite
WDS - Wiz Digital Services Data Integration Suite goes beyond the standard ETL to scalable and flexible management for end-to-end data flows. This suite allows companies to make use of the dynamic and reusable data integration templates which results in saving a wide amount of time by dynamically creating transformations. This suite is highly adaptive and scalable in nature which means companies will be able to scale or down its multi-threaded data integration engine capabilities as per the need of the hour.
Data Integrations Suite is equipped with enterprise-grade security features which include and access and version controls as well as other directory integration attributes. Furthermore, it possesses the much needed flexibility to merge data integration with the business intelligence (BI) service simplify configuration, deployment and administration.