Data Migration Suite

Migration of data is a tedious task which can put any enterprise into jeopardy even with minor shortcomings. WDS - Wiz Digital Services’s Data Migration Suite will allow you to make an efficient transition of data on cloud or Hadoop based infrastructures.
WDS - Wiz Digital Services adheres to well-defined planning and system to introduce migration of data at highly cost effective manner.
WDS - Wiz Digital Services Data Migration Suite is based upon a comprehensive set of tried and true strategies which helps in bringing efficient migration of data without any data loss or duplication. Before you move onto the migration process this suite allows companies to create ‘synthetic data sets for the testing purpose which is an added advantage.
Our Data Migration Suite helps companies in building synthetic data sets which are extensively used by the data scientists to work with the collected data. Over the years the use of synthetic data sets has increased as it offers the characteristics of the real data but it doesn’t contain data which can be found in the enterprise data bases. It is not possible for the data scientists to carry out experimentation with the real data sets as it will result in violation the security, privacy and compliance policies. Therefore, they work with the synthetic data sets.
Companies can take advantage of the synthetic data to check upon various business strategies before finding the right one to implement as per the given time.

Data Migration Suite Features

  • Automate Synthetic Data Generation Tasks: You can automate most of the generic synthetic data generation tasks to save time and increase the efficiency of your enterprise.
  • Automate Data Migration Tasks: Save time which setting up the data migration tasks with ease.
  • Automatic Population of Document Libraries
  • Advanced Indexing
  • Categorization of the Data
  • Automatically tag security information to data assets