Data Profiling Suite

Move from generic data collection to specific data collection with our robust Data Profiling Suite. It enables organisation to discover & profile data assets in a systematic and streamlined manner which helps in lowering the burden on the manage data ecosystems.
Data Profiling Suite is essentially a data investigation and quality monitoring tool which brings complete control over the data collection in a specific manner.
Collection of data has become automated and easier than it was a decade ago but due to heightened growth of technologies the amount of data collected on daily or hourly basis has shot through the roof. It has become extremely tedious and cumbersome process to clean, profile or segregate data to turn them into actionable and meaningful entity. This requires a large amount of time, resource as well as workforce if done manually which most of the companies still rely upon.
WDS - Wiz Digital Services Data Profiling suite is a robust rule based engine which upholds a scalable and high performing architecture to ensure elite data quality and data cleansing capability right at its heart to remain consistent an enterprise data integration strategy.
This suite brings proactive data profiling and data discovery capabilities which allow the enterprise to understand what kind of problems exists in their data and what actions are needed to remedy such data issues. It offers an opportunity to browse and interrogate data in order to discover the problems which are extracted through running it via more than 200+ metadata attributes present in the suite.
In short businesses can make their data accurate, improve its quality and segregate it at the source of collection carefully profiling as per their diverse needs.