Predictive Analytics

Make Better Decision with Insight, Not Hindsight

Analysing vast amounts of historical data to create accurate projections of future trends is no longer the sole purpose of data scientists and the academic elite. With WDS - Wiz Digital Services's Predictive Analytics, business owners can extract trends, predict outcomes and prepare for what’s to come. WDS - Wiz Digital Services helps companies leverage predictive techniques to identify untapped opportunities and expose hidden risks buried inside vast amounts of data. By making predictive insight available to everyone in the Organisation, our clients are empowered to make the right choices at the right time and shape their future in a positive way.

Common Use Cases for Predictive Analytics:


  • Demand/Sales forecasting
  • Performance forecasting
  • Physical event forecasting
  • Decision Support

  • Diagnosis of problems
  • Evaluation of risk
  • Raise alert to potential issues
  • Simulation

  • Predict impact/demand on system
  • Understand range of likely outcomes
  • Segmentation

  • Identify like groups of users
  • Product development targeting
  • Marketing/Product Acceptance

  • Optimize marketing spend where most effective
  • Determine customers that're best targets for sales staff
  • Identify products of interest to each customer
  • Why WDS - Wiz Digital Services's predictive analytics?

    Easy-to-use predictive analytics

  • Intuitive, cost effective and scalable
  • Intuitive, cost effective and scalable.
  • Comprehensive predictive analytics capabilities

  • Use an extensive library of machine-learning algorithms and statistical analyses in a single platform.
  • Open source integration

  • Amplify the power of your analytical projects with R, Python and more