Risk & Compliance

WDS - Wiz Digital Services brings a significant value for the customers in dealing with the risk and compliance issue in the IT industry which helps organisation in transforming their business operations.
WDS - Wiz Digital Services enables businesses to turn their data compliant as per the enterprise policy, governmental regulations and other trade regulations.
Collecting and storing customer’s data is a responsible and dangerous activity by the regulators and governmental authorities. Therefore a number of policies have been put into place to curb the improper storage without requisite security measures and to ensure that the financial and privacy damages are at the minimal to the customers. Navigating through the complex, complicated and frustrating compliance and regulatory policies is a tough challenge for any business.
WDS - Wiz Digital Services offers the next level of risk & compliance service wherein it helps in turning your data compliant to the existing regulations and policies present both in the origin nation as well as on the international level.
We undertake a systematic approach to the enterprise data management which helps in addressing some of the most important issues through:
  • Creation of comprehensive inventory of data sets from existing data ecosystem
  • Businesses gets the ability to create semantic metadata for testing and experimentation purpose
  • Data accuracy is ensured through associating data with a well-defined quality metric
  • Data integration and migration is enhanced using modern Hadoop based infrastructure
WDS - Wiz Digital Services helps business to make their data compliant by removing the complexities associated with it a simple yet influential manner.