Security & Privacy

WDS - Wiz Digital Services offers continuous monitoring of data in real time to avoid data leakage, data deletion and data corruption through looking for suspicious or unusual patterns of data usage.
WDS - Wiz Digital Services brings an enhanced range of data security monitoring tools which helps keeping a vigilant on the data flow in the enterprise ecosystem in real time.
WDS - Wiz Digital Services can assist organisations in determining the location of their critical data and IT leakage. Our team will work in close association with you to design a data leakage prevention strategy which will help in safeguarding the enterprise data from prying eyes. We will select and tune the existing technologies, implement the program and measure the results in real time.
Our data and security professionals help in prioritising the data to address along with the system and endpoints to storing them. Proper storage is necessary for efficient data management therefore our professionals will help you in managing the complex enterprise ecosystem and implementing necessary solutions to keep it safe, sound, reliable and robust at all times.
We also help organisation in creating or refining the privacy policies along with establishing operational procedures, controls and building programs. We have partnered with some of the leading legal partners who will help in framing the necessary technical, regulatory and legal perspective related to the privacy segment.

WDS - Wiz Digital Services’s Security Privacy Service features:

  • We help in identifying and securing company’s most valuable assets
  • Continuous monitoring of data
  • Quick and swift response to any kind of breach
WDS - Wiz Digital Services’s state-of-art technologies and updates practices results in focused management and protection of IT systems and data.