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10 Reasons to Join

Thinking about joining us? Here are the top ten reasons why that’s a great idea.

We are a global organization with diverse options for everyone. Thus there’s scope for everyone from different backgrounds to contribute towards the organization.
In order to enhance your skillsets and make you a good team player, it is very important that the right training is imparted. That’s what we intend to do, and provide you with regular promotions for your good work.
We are always growing and so should you. Thus you would find yourself facing new challenges and varieties out here that are going to keep you excited every day. Prioritizing on the career development of our employees is the main focus.
There is corporate hierarchy within the company but each and every one is given an equal right to practice their values. We also encourage exchange of ideas, respect for one another, and good well-being for everyone at the office.
Our job role includes providing technology driven services to the markets in UK, US, Canada, Australia and India. We ensure that customers are protected along with their data. We engage in all our businesses with the strictest policies that ensure every activity is lawful and compliant. Our quality and compliance teams audit on all work done to make sure no rules are broken and work is scam free!
We value the fact that there are families and personal time. We ensure that there is adequate time and leave from work where people can spend time away from work and do what they want. So we do not force you to over-time or work an extra day.
We encourage employees to offer suggestions and ideas, provide feedback, seek personal or professional counsel, or address concerns within the company. Through this we want to establish trust between the employer and the employee. And this trust in the company leads to employees directly confide in senior management, when immediate supervisors are unavailable.
We don’t believe in the hire and fire policy; one gets enough time to prove their work abilities thus receiving steady pay and other benefits, and reduced stress levels at work.
Our recruitment policies include recruiting the best in the industry and the ones with a vision to attain victory. Thus rewarding and recognizing performances on a monthly basis.
With a vast array of job opportunities at WizCon, we provide development prospects to each and every individual. Throughout our 11 years in the business, we have shaped many careers. If you are interested in working with us, kindly send in your resume at [email protected]

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